Is A Worry Worrying You?

Adults think of childhood as a carefree time, but the truth is that children worry, and worry a lot, especially in our highly pressurized era.

Suppose, just suppose, one hundred elephants come to tea and you discover you don’t have any tea bags.
Uh, oh. What will you do with a herd of thirsty elephants?
Now that’s a worry!
But you can get rid of that worry by offering the elephants lemonade instead.

This book addresses children’s worries with humor and imagination, as hilarious scenarios teach kids the use of perspective and the art of creative problem-solving.

Picture Book | Ages 4 – 7
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-933718-05-7 | 32 pages | $7.99
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-933718-47-7 | 7.99
Lexile Level: 540 | Guided Reading Level: N | Grade Level: 3 | Reading Recovery Level: NA

Meet Author Ferida Wolff

Ferida Wolff is the author of 17 books for children and three essay books for adults. Her essays appear in anthologies, newspapers and magazines. She is a frequent contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series.

Meet Author Harriet May Savitz

Harriet May Savitz was the author of Run, Don’t Walk and The Lionhearted, among many others, and lived in Bradley Beach, NJ.

Meet Illustrator Marie Letourneau

Marie Letourneau was born in Queens Village and raised in Babylon, NY. Growing up, she loved to draw, paint and engage in art activities of all kinds. She knew from an early age that she would like to one day write & illustrate picture books. Now, she is author and illustrator for kids!

Her book, The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres, won the 2006 Bronze ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award.

Marie currently works from her home studio on Long Island where she resides with her family, two dogs, and cat.

Is A Worry Worrying You? Reviews

 “Love, love this story. This is a must-have in a classroom library.”

Kids Read blogger

“Is a Worry Worrying You?…offers a lighthearted way for kids to confront, and then get past, their anxieties.”

Teacher Magazine

“Mixing serious and silly examples, the authors define ‘worries’ and suggest some coping stategies. This doesn’t stray all that far from everyday situations, and may provide some anxiety-ridden children with something to think about.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Highly fun and thought-provoking, this worry-less book is a must for today’s overstressed kids.”

Copley News Service

“Whether the worries are big or small, real or silly, the central message of this book shines through: that things seem less worrisome when put into perspective, and a little creative thinking can solve most problems. The Worry figure, lurking somewhere in every illustration, brings an element of humor that will entertain kids while providing them with lessons of coping that will last a lifetime.”

Patty Aubrye, President, Chicken Soup for the Soul