Yes, Let’s

In this book about a family’s day in the woods, the simple rhyming text is enhanced by comical illustrations that bring wit and energy to every page, making it a fun family read-aloud.

Packaged in a smaller size for little hands, it is perfect for a car ride and a great way to recap a trip. Illustrations inside the front cover serve as a reminder of things to pack, and the story inspires activities to plan. This book is a loving tribute to family togetherness.

Picture Book | Ages 3 – 7
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-933718-87-3 | 32 pages | $15.95
Lexile Level: 550 | Guided Reading Level: I | Grade Level: 1 | Reading Recovery Level: 15-16

Meet Author Galen Goodwin Longstreth

Galen Goodwin Longstreth grew up near Seattle, Washington, where her favorite activity was reading books. After college she moved to Philadelphia, where she studied education, taught kindergarten, and worked in a children’s bookstore. Because she loves books and kids and being a student, she also got an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Galen currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband, who makes bookshelves whenever they need more.

Meet Illustrator Maris Wicks

Maris Wicks is a writer and illustrator of science comics, as well as a self-proclaimed gigantic nerd.

When she is not busy making comics or illustrating books, Wicks can be found prepping slides for her collection of vintage microscopes, traveling, scuba diving, hiking, and baking cookies (though never all of those things all at once). She was a part-time program educator at the New England Aquarium for eight years, where she taught kids about the awesome world of marine science.

Yes, Let’s Reviews

“In an age of technology overload, debut talents Longstreth and Wicks remind readers of the things that matter: family outings, the vitamin D that comes from time spent outdoors, and the memories that accompany such excursions…Wick’s clean-lined cartooning greatly expands on Longstreth’s understated but evocative verse, filling the pages with visual mini-narratives, dashes of humor, and details to pore over, all while capturing the cheerful chaos of a big, happy family.”

Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“From the children’s creative ideas and Wicks’ illustrations of their inventiveness, children and families everywhere will be inspired to head outside to make memories together.”

Shelf Awareness, starred review

“An unusually credible picture book, Yes Let’s gives a real sense of the squabbles and satisfactions of family life. Wicks…is an outstanding observer of natural settings, adding imaginative, comic detail to Longstreth’s rhyming verse, which follows four children and their parents on a hike through the woods. Get your boots on! This outing looks like fun.”

The New York Times

“I LOVE Yes, Let’s and have given it to lots of kids and their parents who always let me know that it is a favorite in their house. It is a fantastic read-aloud for the rhythm and the fun and adventurous story. And there is so much going on in the illustrations that it can be read again and again without ever getting old. The book has that ‘best day of childhood’ feeling that the reader wants to come back to.”

Kristin Russ, Powell’s Books

“Ready the backpacks—this is sure to inspire many a family.”

Kirkus Reviews