Wolf Camp

Maddie’s mother agrees to send her daughter to a new camp – Wolf Camp.

But when Maddie returns, she seems, well, changed. She snaps at flies, howls at fire trucks, and chases squirrels – on all fours. She quits eating candy and starts eating meat – only meat. And the dog is now afraid of her when she lifts her lip and shows her teeth.

What child hasn’t fantasized about being an animal? And what parent hasn’t exclaimed over the transformation in their child when picking him or her up from camp? This book intertwines these two themes in a hilarious story of a very different kind of camping experience.

Picture Book | Ages 4 – 7
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-933718-25-5 | 32 pages | $8.95
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-933718-48-4 | $8.99
Lexile Level: 520 | Guided Reading Level: J | Grade Level: 2 | Reading Recovery Level: 17

Meet Author Katie McKy

Katie McKy, the author of Wolf Camp and It All Began with a Bean and lives in Maine. She visits scores of schools every year, where she performs and teaches writing. In the summer, she retreats into the cultivated tranquility of her garden and the wild tranquility of the Canadian wilderness.

Meet Illustrator Bonnie Leick

Bonnie Leick (pronunciation: “Like”) is an award-winning Illustrator of children’s books and magazines; a dream that blossomed from her established career as an Animator. The second oldest of six siblings, Bonnie grew up playing amongst sweet-smelling hayfields and lush-wooded lots on a central Wisconsin dairy farm.

Bonnie attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and, later, the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). It was the perfect fit for her animation dreams. She jump-started her career working in the animation industry for companies including Disney, Creative Capers and Warner Brothers.

Bonnie left animation nearly a decade after her start to pursue a career in the world of children’s books. She found success with her first book “Alien Invaders” and has since worked with major publishers of both books and magazines.

Bonnie, along with her husband, Doug O’Leary and her two French Bulldogs live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has two sons Ryan and Connor.

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Wolf Camp Reviews

“This story is so well crafted that it is sure to become one of your children’s favorite books. Very highly recommended.”


“This book is well-written and beautifully illustrated. There is a balanced mixture of sight words and words which require decoding, so the beginning reader may need some help at times. Ultimately, though, the story is enjoyable and will prove fun as either a read-aloud book or a story to read on one’s own.”

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